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(Online) Retail

Digital foundations and the use of ICT resources characterize retail 4.0.

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Technological developments in the retail sector are following one another in rapid succession. And the increasingly demanding customer expects you to keep pace. The success of your retail business will be determined in part by the optimal use of ICT resources and a solid digital foundation. Retail 4.0 is characterized by developments such as augmented reality, omni-channel, self-scanning, AI and unmanned stores. Customers expect the same and best service quality in the online store as in the local store and you can delight your customers by switching between these channels without interruption. Examples are models such as "click & collect" or direct delivery services for food and goods of all kinds. Are you ready for it?

Redundancy and security as part of the digital strategy

What happens if your network connection goes down and your customers are unable to make card payments? As a retailer, you are becoming more dependent on applications and growing data streams. A solid digital strategy is the starting point for your digital infrastructure. It needs to be flexible and future-proof, but also solid and secure. Make sure your connections are redundant, with an additional backup for the fixed line connection. Is the confidentiality of your data a top priority? Then encrypting data traffic at the network infrastructure level makes sense.

Automation determines the success of the retail sector

Recent developments regarding contactless payments have started a revolution on the German market. Hassle-free contactless payments, self-scan capabilities, up-to-date pricing information on screens: your customers almost take it for granted. And if a product is sold out in a retail store? Then customers order it via their smartphones. The optimization of inventory and logistics is also linked to the use of ICT tools. Logistics and Supply chains are changing rapidly. This ensures that your sales are increasingly determined by automation. Digitalization offers new opportunities for you.

Data as the basis for an optimal customer experience

Supermarket chains are good examples of retail companies that are taking the customer experience to a higher level thanks to IT. It's all about digital data. Data that is sent to stores, headquarters or a logistics center. Supermarkets also use data to enhance their online services with apps that search for recipes, order groceries online or automatically generate shopping lists.

There are no limits to the possibilities of digital offerings. Learning from streams of visitors, keeping preliminary information available on the website and online store, having a shopping cart ready in the online store - simplifying the shopping experience. This leads to the desired result and to satisfied customers.


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