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How we hire

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Our hiring process

We care about our teams and the people who are part of them. Our success relies on a variety of perspectives. Our transparent hiring process reflects our values.

We get in contact via different channels and iniatives. We are curious and like to learn more about common opportunities.

Getting to know each other takes place in an open and direct dialogue. In this way, we notice if expectations and values from both sides match. It is important for us, to complement our team professionaly and at the same time with all the diversity we have share common values.

Our hiring process:

  1. Before going into our hiring process, you’ll have a short conversation with our recruiter by phone or video to discover your motivation.
  2. During two in-depth interviews you’ll have the opportunity to get to know us better. And of course this works vice versa. We ask open-ended questions to assess your knowledge, how you interact with people and what your strengths are. Both experience and skills matters, but we also want to know what gets you up in the morning. What drives you and what can we learn from you? And we will answer any question you might have. 
  3.  To fully understand what drives and motivates you, we'll invite you for a digital assessment. 
  4.  After the interviews and assessment, we'll see who is the best match. If you are excited to work at NGN and if we think you’re the best candidate for the role and we're the best workplace for your ambitions, we'll reach out to you with an offer. 

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