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About NGN

Our dark fiber network

Working at NGN

Connections to telehouses and data centers for a future-proof network

In addition to all relevant major cities in Germany, more than 50 important telehouses, data centers or POP sites are connected to the NGN network. NGN is represented at many locations or can establish connections to its customers and partners via cross-connections.

Fiber optic network across Germany and beyond

With more than 19,000 km of current existing telecommunications infrastructure, we expand our network by at least 1,000 km annually in the course of infrastructure expansion, new construction measures or strategic network interconnections.

We are leading in introducing new technologies and continuously improving the quality of our dark fiber network.

NGN operates a NOC (Network Operation Center) in Germany, which is available for you at any time and can be reached via a free service hotline around the clock (24/7/365). The NOC is located in Germany and is staffed with German- and English-speaking experts.

As part of the European network, NGN has connections to surrounding European countries such as Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

Full service and highest quality

We see ourself as a full-service provider for the construction, expansion and management of customer-owned or customer-rented fiber optic networks. As a reliable partner, we offer all types of services: From planning and project development to the provision of fiber optic routes and networks. Our service features are secure, dedicated fiber optic connections for any customer requirement from single fiber to fiber optic pairs, bundles or microducts with fiber optic cables in the qualities G.652, G.652D and G.655.

Point-to-point connections are standard, as are ring connections, compressed primary and peripheral connections or backhaul solutions for possible system failures. In important metropolitan areas (e.g., Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, Nuremberg, Erfurt, Halle, etc.), NGN has extensive metro networks at its disposal, via which important internet nodes and local data centers are connected and redundantly networked.

Reliable connectivity partner

With our dark fiber infrastructure we are a reliable partner for many carriers and internet service providers. Typical customers are city carriers, metro and regional carriers, national and international telecommunications groups, mobile communications providers, data center operators and hosting providers. Carriers and internet service providers today depend on high-quality, redundant and reliable fiber optic infrastructures to provide their customers with a wide range of services, including cloud computing, data center connectivity, streaming services, network virtualization and social networking with high throughput and low latency. The same applies to connecting mobile towers to fiber networks in view of the upcoming 5G mobile networks.