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What is Dark Fiber?

Dark Fiber is unlit fiber that you light yourself with your own equipment. You have full control over what you do with the connection and what applications you want to run using it. The bandwidth is determined by the equipment you use and is capable of infinite adjustment. This gives you maximum flexibility. Using Dark Fiber, you can realize site to site connectivity as well as extend an existing network. The key to the application is in your hands. We provide the optical fiber.

What´s so special about Fiber?

Optical fiber is a hair-thin glass fiber that can transport laser light very efficiently over long distances. The laser light is used as a carrier wave for digital data transport. This technology makes it possible to achieve extremely high bandwidths. Both streaming services and reliable business applications are inconceivable without high and stable bandwidths.

Dark fiber, or unlit fiber, is fiber to which no active devices have been connected as yet. Dark Fiber allows you to create your own connection between multiple locations.

Why Dark Fiber?

By running your mission-critical ICT systems in multiple locations, you can ensure business continuity regarding outage prevention and performance. This means that in case a system failure affects one of your sites, your employees and other users can continue to work uninterruptedly. This requires very high bandwidth connections that can adapt to your growing needs. With Dark Fiber, NGN offers you the right solution for these and other demanding applications.

Enlightening Dark Fiber

With Dark Fiber, your service comes into focus. You get your own fiber connection that extends to your site. Larger IT departments usually have the knowledge of how to light a fiber connection themselves. If you don't have that expertise in-house, NGN can advise you on the right lighting system or network integrator.

Dark Fiber: Speed

At present, fiber optic cable already offers an extremely high maximum Internet speed. In the future, this speed will increase even more. This is necessary if we are to take advantage of all the opportunities offered by digitization in the future. NGN has a fine-meshed and extensive fiber optic network.

Benefits of Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber is the best choice in case your company's connectivity is critical to your primary IT processes and must work at all times. This applies to the availability and bandwidth of a connection that can transfer a lot of data within a short time, or the speed at which data can be transferred. Flexibility and scalability are also important in every respect. A major advantage of dark fiber is that you can configure your connectivity to suit your needs and easily expand and scale as needed.

What kind of networks are possible with dark fiber?

NGN specializes in connecting people, businesses and objects such as bridges, locks, traffic control systems and power plants. Use our consulting services to design your network architecture and achieve your company's goals with optimal efficiency.


Ring network

A ring network may be compared to a string of pearls, in which the pearls represent locations. This allows you to efficiently build a network between sites located close to each other. The ring structure automatically provides redundancy: If your traffic can't go left, it goes right.

Sternförmiges Netzwerk

Star network

A star network consists of point-to-point connections. Each location or object has a separate connection to a central point. This type of connection is suitable for connecting locations that are geographically distant from each other.

Kaskadenförmiges Netzwerk

Cascade network

A cascade network is suitable for connecting a number of objects one after another. It may be compared to a U-shaped network. Since the connection is not closed, the length of the connection is reduced, and thereby, the cost as well. Keep in mind, due to the missing loop there is no redundancy included by designing a cascade configuration.

What should you consider when choosing dark fiber?

More and more companies are using dark fiber because it is the ideal solution for many applications and offers many advantages.

Why should data centers be connected via Dark Fiber?

For security and business continuity reasons and as the effort to maintain equipment on premise can be reduced, more and more companies are placing their ICT equipment in well-protected data centers. Connectivity, security, redundancy, scalability and continuity: These are important reasons why our customers choose to opt for a data center.

If you want to learn more about the Data Centers to connect to, let us know and together we will find a solution.


A data center typically has multiple networks of telecommunications and Internet service providers available to it. This allows customers to choose between several types of network connections, with high bandwidth and low latency if desired. Access to content delivery networks for video services and access to cloud providers can also be easily and securely realized with the same. Data centers therefore form the traffic hubs of the global Internet highway.

What does Dark Fiber cost?

The cost of Dark Fiber depends on your wants and needs. Do you have many locations that are geographically located close to each other? Then a dedicated Dark Fiber ring is worth considering.


Is connectivity critical for your business as well?

We would be happy to help you.