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Strengthen your competitive position with Industry 4.0

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Internet of Things (IoT), robotization, Artificial Intelligence (AI), sensor technology, 3D printing, etc.- the fourth industrial revolution is unstoppable and is leading to major changes in our society. And in your business sector as well. To keep up with all these technological innovations, a solid ICT foundation is essential as a basis for strengthening your current competitive position and developing future models for generating income. How can you strengthen your competitive position?

Fiber optic connection essential for a solid ICT network

A solid ICT network with fiber connections is the foundation for growth and innovations such as cloud, IoT, sensor technology and a warehouse full of AI. Business leaders who still view ICT as a secondary business process and cost factor are beginning to realize that investing in ICT is a worthwhile investment. The biggest benefits are: continuity, cloud connectivity, efficiency, a flexible organization, and effective cyber and data security.

Digitization and data technology for the smart factory

ICT and digitization in industry increase efficiency throughout the chain. Examples include shorter lead times, error reduction and quality improvement. But that is not all. Investments in digitization and data technology create a "smart factory”: the factory of the future. This opens up innovation opportunities that can help you strengthen your competitive position. What about innovative revenue and service models and breakthrough production processes?

Produce competitively and efficiently with robots

A shorter time to market, a continuous increase in productivity? Put robots to work. Nearly 2 million new industrial robots are expected to be installed worldwide by 2022. Simplification, collaboration and digitization are important factors. So is the desire to produce high value-added parts efficiently and competitively in the "local" ecosystem. In addition, linking robots to the IoT and the cloud offers opportunities for new business models such as Robot as a Service (RaaS).

Is your infrastructure ready for Industry 4.0?

Do you want to be part of the fourth industrial revolution? Adapt your ICT network accordingly. The vast majority of ICT decision-makers worldwide are convinced that their infrastructure is not yet ready for this revolution. Simply because their current network cannot handle a larger number of users, data and applications. Are you curious to find out how we have future-proofed the infrastructure of a number of major industrial companies? Our experts would be happy to tell you more.


Is connectivity critical for your business as well?

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