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NGN sees itself as a full-service provider for the construction, expansion or management of customer-owned or leased fiber optic networks.

As a reliable customer partner, we offer a comprehensive range of services related to the fiber optic network. Point-to-point connections are standard, as are ring connections, compressed primary and peripheral connections or backhaul solutions for possible system failures. In important metropolitan areas (e.g., Munich, Nuremberg, Frankfurt, the Ruhr area, Berlin, Hamburg, etc.), NGN has extensive metro networks at its disposal, via which important Internet nodes are connected and redundantly networked.

More than 40 qualified and motivated employees with many years of professional experience are available to assist you with network planning, new network construction or expansion, and installation and operation of fiber optic networks. Modern planning tools, Geo-Information systems and databases are part of the daily work in planning and documentation. NGN has state-of-the-art technology for the construction and installation of its self-owned and customer-specific fiber optic networks that meet the ecological and economic requirements of today's underground cable construction. Multiple cable pulling crews and splicing crews ultimately make the fiber connections.

Every year, NGN invests in the continuous training of employees and the education of young colleagues in order to meet not only its own requirements, but also those of its customers.

As a "Turn-Key" partner

NGN jointly plans your network concepts with you, builds and establishes the required fixed connections, hands over the leased connections with all necessary measurements and protocols, and guarantees compliance with your individual security requirements (SLA) with its service and maintenance concept.

Our network for your success

NGN's core business is the implementation of fiber optic connections for your communications and data transport, both internally and with your partners. For customer-specific connection concepts for site networking or customer peering, NGN offers point-to-point as well as point-to-multipoint connections for multiple sites, up to full meshing. NGN provides dedicated optical fibers in its fiber infrastructure.


Is connectivity critical for your business as well?

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